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Soft Wash House Washing - by Jeffrey M Lambert

What’s This Green Stuff? 
Have you ever seen vinyl siding mold problems? That’s when you see green stuff all over the vinyl siding of your house. It’s not a pretty sight. You’re looking at our old enemy, mold. At it again!

Actually, it may be more subtle than that. If you have mold growing on your vinyl siding, chances are it will just be a shade greener than the rest of the gray. It’s subtle, but it’s noticeable.

Vinyl siding is convenient and easy, but developing mold problems on your vinyl siding is a major headache. Keep... Continue Reading

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I have a habit of driving through a neighborhood and pointing out a house and saying "that one needs a roof". It's so bad my younger son has started doing it as well. There are a lot of roofs out there that need replaced! Seriously, a LOT!

I have put many roofs on rentals over the years but now I'm looking for a roof for my own home and I do not want to ever have to replace it again. The last one only lasted 12 years. I'm not happy about that. So, I'm doing some homework and I feel what I learn from interviewing experts will be of use to many of you. I will be doing a series of articles comparing different roofing materials, many of which you will likely not be familiar with. This is not a decision to be taken lightly.

This month I want to focus on how to find a GOOD roofer who will stand behind his work. I visited a website by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) that is very info... Continue Reading

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FLOWER FEVER? - by Marla

Mother's Day is coming up and it has always been my guideline of when to get my flowers out. I have a bad case of Flower Fever! I'm already LOVING the redbuds, dogwoods, lilacs, tulips, and all the other flowering plants and it makes me want to tear all the landscaping out and start over! I can't afford that so, sprucing up will have to do!

If you are redoing your landscaping consider a curving walkway and if you are using pavers you might want to do an interesting pattern to add movement to your design. Keep in mind the period, style, and architecture of your home. Don't forget to add or update your landscape lighting for safety and evening glow and style. 

Take pictures and dimensions with you when you go shopping for plants. Keep in mind if you need shade or sun loving plants, what color and when the surrounding plants bloom. You can do all perennials and stagger the bloom ... Continue Reading

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